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Posted by on January 25, 2012

Okay, I’m ready to take the leap and write this post. I have been putting it off because I have been doing some field testing and didn’t want to jump the gun. So here goes…

The Subjects

Doug is 44 years old, and displays textbook Asperger’s syndrome. He has sensory overload, food intolerances, terrible people skills, a love for animals, and awful meltdowns.

Sadie is 4 years old. She likes routine, and gets very quiet and hides when strange people are around. She has fits for seemingly small reasons, like falling behind on a walk or getting bumped in the hall. She refuses to talk and stares when she is frustrated, and sometimes growls, barks, or flaps her arms.

The Test

I have finished the book Enzymes for Autism, and was very eager to buy some enzymes and get started. However, in my hopes to give Sadie a chewable enzyme, the potency ended up nowhere near strong enough. The results were definitely unsatisfactory.

I upgraded to a swallowable enzyme which contained a broad spectrum of enzymes at a much higher dosage. There need to be a variety of enzymes, because each enzyme digests different kinds of food. I was able to find vegetarian capsules, which need to be taken 20-30 min. before every meal.

Doug quickly got into a routine and is currently taking two before every meal. He also keeps a bottle in his truck, so that he can take some before he even comes in the house in the morning. Then he can go directly to the kitchen, get some breakfast, and feel much better. (Mornings used to be a tremendous struggle. We tried to just stay out of the way for about 30 min. to give him a chance to eat. Otherwise, the landscape was not pretty. :)

Sadie was a bit trickier to figure out. She tried to swallow the pills, but it dissolved in her mouth, and after a few tries, she refused. So I tried emptying the capsule into a spoonful of jam, and giving to her before meals. But this became very inconvenient, and sometimes got skipped. The enzymes really only work well if they are taken with all food. Undigested food slipping by is contributing to the problems in the brain. (See the book for great explanations!)

Then I rechecked the book and found a great idea. I made up very simple chocolate “frosting” and emptied 24 capsules into it.  Then I spread the frosting into a circle on a plate and put it in the freezer. With a butter knife, I cut it into 24 wedges and scrape one of for her at every meal. Presto! She takes them beautifully. Who wouldn’t, when they get their dessert before the meal?

The Results

Amazing! I am truly thankful to YHVH for showing us a better way to live. Life is not perfect, but He didn’t promise that, now did He?

Sadie is talking in full sentences and telling me things that I can understand. She is working on a math workbook and doing very well. She can color in the lines and draw with precision. She isn’t writing letters yet, but I’m optimistic. She is getting along better with her siblings. There have only been a couple incidents of screaming, and they were very shortlived. Tonight, I prayed before her (wrong order) and she got a bit upset, but  I was able to settle her down in a couple minutes and she was fine. I have even seen some new facial expressions and her whole demeaner seems more natural, rather than copying other people. Actually, sometimes I think I was crazy to think anything was wrong with her, when I see how she is now.

With Doug, we waited for the shoe to fall, but it didn’t. Something would go wrong, and we all would hold our breath, and nothing happened! He has been able to come home from work in a pleasant mood. We had my parents over and everything was great fun. He interacts with the kids more. He helped me clean out the fridge! He has just been so much more easy going.

He still yells sometimes, but it is more appropriate to the situation. He still gets frustrated, but the obstacles are overcome easier. He feels the meltdown welling up, but often he is able to swallow it. Life is not perfectly smooth, and he still has bad times, but everything is toned down. It’s easier to deal with.

I think perhaps he is still struggling some because he is so much older, and more damage has been done. More habits have been ingrained. I also think he doesn’t always remember to take the capsules 20-30 min. before a meal. They may not be having a full effect like they should. It may just take a bit longer for his digestive system to get back on track.


If you are dealing with ASD in your family, please, please give enzymes a try! Elimination diets do help tremendously because the problem begins in the digestive system. But enzymes can catch what we might miss! I feed my family kosher and as healthy as I am able, but I have not removed any foods, aside from working on preservatives.

From my observation, their brain does seem to process the world a bit differently than mine. But with the enzymes, they are able to handle what life dishes out without breaking down. They can interact with people and actually enjoy it lol! Well, at least most of the time, which I’m thrilled with!


11 Responses to Enzymes

  1. Josee

    Where did you purchase the enzymes? Any particular kind? I would be very very interested in starting this with my son. Thank you

    • Heidi Cooper

      Josee, we are using “Doctor’s Best Digestive Enzymes All Vegetarian.” We bought them from If you use this link as a first time customer, you will get $10 towards your first purchase. I hope they work as well for your family as they have for ours. :)

      • Jeff Schoonover

        Hi Heidi – do you use the same enzymes with your daughter? These are the ones you empty out and put into a chocolate frosting? Do you still use one pill per meal? Thanks! Jeff

        • Heidi Cooper

          So sorry about the delay, Jeff. I haven’t checked the comments on this site in a while. I do give my daughter the enzymes that get emptied out of the capsule, but she got tired of the chocolate, so I put it in a little spoonful of honey. I also give it to my son who is almost three. They get two per meal. :)

  2. abbey

    Tears of joy from this momma and wife here! I am so happy for your family!!! What a blessing your testimony may be for so many others! Yah is good!

  3. Leslie C.

    It is so amazing how Yah designed our bodies! Something so simple can have such an impact. We have started using enzymes as a family as well. We do not have any aspies, but we do have a highly active four year old boy and a two year old girl. We, as parents, have struggled with behavioural problems in the four year old. OK, I know he’s a boy, but there still are boundaries. We have been using enzymes for about a month or more and have been seeing some noticeable differences. He still has boy energy, but he is much more managable. Our two year old even hands the enzymes out at the table! What a joy!

    • Heidi Cooper

      I’m so glad things are going well for you. The unfortunate part of all this is the way humans can mess up things to a point where we aren’t even digesting our food properly. I’m so thankful that YHVH shows us the way back. :)

  4. monica

    Hi there, I looked all over your blogs for an “email me” button and couldn’t find one. I’d like to talk to you personally, if you could shoot me an email at that would be great!

  5. Lusi

    Heidi I’m SO thrilled to read how the enzymes have helped you! We are taking some bit I don’t believe them to be potent enough. We are consulting with our naturopath to look into changing them and also testing for a couple of other gut issues. Your testimony fills me with so much hope!
    Love to you all x

    • Heidi Cooper

      I hope it is helpful for you! The dosage is very important. When my parents come over for a visit, Doug takes about 18 pills, just to be sure. They are not a 100% thing, but they take the edge off, and give Doug and Sadie time to think about their response, rather than feeling like they are a victim of it. We still have good days and bad days, but the bad days are so doable now. I’m also doing a lot of reading by people with aspergers, to kind of get in their head, and adjust my responses to them. Big help! I’m so glad YHVH brought you and your family into my life. You are such a blessing. :)

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