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Trial and error

Posted by on December 13, 2011

I have spent the last couple of weeks doing some experimenting. I am just about done reading the book Enzymes and Autism. I now know more about the digestive system than I ever thought possible. Did you know that your intestines are wrapped in nerves to the point that your digestive system is called the second brain?

If you are dealing with autism spectrum disorders in your home, I highly recommend this book. It explains the idea that many neurological problems are a result of problems in the digestive system. This is why many diet changes can show good results. Enzymes help us digest our food properly and help tremendously with nasty symptoms.

We have been giving enzymes for about two weeks and I think it looks very promising. However, we are switching to a more potent enzyme this week. I had hoped to be able to use a chewable, but it just wasn’t giving the results I was looking for. When I asked Doug how he was feeling, he felt miserable without the enzymes and tolerable with them. Well, we want better than tolerable. :) So, I’m anxious to give the new enzymes a few weeks to see how they do.

I think it’s interesting that Torah says so much about food. What we put in our bodies is important, and keeping our bodies in good shape is also important. Of course, I had to spend a while finding enzymes that were vegetarian, rather than pork based. I also am trying to put the best food I can into my family’s bodies.

I also have learned a lot the past few weeks about my husband and what’s going on in his brain. So many quirky little things are now making sense. As I understand him better, Sadie is making more sense. She has been communicating better, which is wonderful!

The greatest part about seeing things improve is seeing a lot more of that wonderful sweet guy I married. Sometimes he’s hiding and I miss him, but I’ve seen quite a bit of him lately. Praise YHVH!

I’ll keep you posted on our progress with the enzymes!



4 Responses to Trial and error

  1. abbey

    Praise YAH! How amazing! Your efforts will be rewarded in mutitudes!!

  2. Phyllis H

    Hi Heidi!

    I have been looking into GAPS / SCD / Paleo (probably a lot more!) for similar reasons. My sweet 4YO was deprived of healthy gut flora when she was born. “They” pumped her body full of antibiotics unnecessarily and it has caused us a mess of issues ever since (apparently, the flora in our gut is what helps shape the neurons in our brain!). *sighs* She is a sweet, sweet child and I praise Yah that it is *not* worse than it could have been (because it definitely could have been that). Nothing completely noticeable, just some “learning enabled” issues we have been dealing, or trying at least, with. I will have to look up this “enzyme therapy” and compare. :) .

    ~ Phyllis

    • Heidi Cooper

      The GAPS diet seems to have an excellent track record, but to be honest, I don’t see how I could actually implement it. The enzymes also have an amazing healing effect, but many people with neurological problems just aren’t producing the enzymes they need. So much to learn! Hope you find some answers that work for your little girl. We are still experimenting, but hopeful. :)

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