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Torah and diet

Posted by on December 28, 2011

Torah definitely affects the way we eat. One of the first changes made as a person begins keeping Torah is the switch to kosher food. No more ham, pepperoni, or shrimp! For some people, this is an easy change. For some people like my husband, it can be very difficult.

But how far does kosher reach? I’d like to point out a few areas of life where we need to be concerned about kosher.


The first thing I’d like to point out is supplements. Are your vitamins and supplements kosher? Many capsules are made with gelatin, usually pork derived. It is becoming easier to find vegetarian capsules that are acceptable to use. In my experience, pills labeled vegetarian tend to be cheaper than those labeled kosher. If you can’t find a supplement in a vegetarian form, consider whether you should be taking that supplement.

We purchase our supplements from Vitacost. They are affordable and offer a vast array of vegetarian options. If you click on this link, new customers will receive $10 towards their first purchase.


TheĀ  next thing to consider is vaccines. Many people do not vaccinate for medical reasons. We made this decision for an entirely different reason. Our first three children were selectively vaccinated, meaning they only received the shots where we felt the benefits outweighed the risks. We left the church and began keeping Torah when I was pregnant with Sadie. We soon learned that vaccines were filled with very unkosher ingredients like monkey organs and human fetus parts! No more vaccines! Sadie never received a shot.

By the way, I have been disturbed to occasionally run across claims that autism does not exist in families that do not vaccinate.

Sadie never received a shot, yet she has Asperger’s Syndrome. Let’s be careful about blanket statements and broad claims. It can be very easy to look at a family and assume that they made bad choices and are paying the consequences. It is always best to keep our concerns within the confines of our own four walls.

Special diets

We also need to be discerning when looking at special diets. I have been researching diets that are known to help with autism. One of the better known diets is the GAPS diet. I believe this diet is helpful to many people. But we have decided it is not right for our family for two reasons.

  1. Pork and shellfish are not only allowed, but considered beneficial. This mindset concerns me when I look at a diet. The reasoning of the diet has not been built on the proper foundation. This does not make the diet wrong, but it makes me watch very closely.
  2. kosherMilk and grains are not allowed. This also greatly concerns me because milk and bread are both praised in Scripture. Israel is a land flowing with milk and honey. Hebrew society revolves around the grain harvests. More than one feast celebrates the wheat or barley harvest and Yahshua is called the Bread of Life. I believe these elements are an important part of a balanced diet based on what we see in Scripture.

Our choice

We as a family are actively pursuing enzymes as treatment for Aspergers because we feel that they line up with Torah much better.

  1. They are plant derived and vegetarian.
  2. YHVH gave us plants and herbs for the healing of the nations.
  3. We are able to make much broader choices in our diet, such as retaining dairy and gluten, because the enzymes will properly digest these foods and promote healing of the digestive system.

Each person and family needs to make choices that affect their diet and health. We must keep Torah at the center of any decision we make.

What other choices have you had to make in connection with a kosher lifestyle?

8 Responses to Torah and diet

  1. Amy

    Hiedi this is a great reminder of kosher foods. People forget and dont realise the non-ok foods are hodden in daily simplicities of life such as vacc & supplements. They are also in medications and
    confectionary (soft serve). Praise God that if we consume it without our knowledge we are freed til we know.
    I am attempting to change our families diet atm so this is a good reminder for me.

  2. Andi

    I totally agree with your views on bread and the use of unclean foods, like GAPS….Please share some things your learning about enzymes…if you feel led to … as I am curious!

    • Heidi Cooper

      More coming soon! We have been using enzymes with every meal for a few weeks now, and are beginning to see some positive results. The negative symptoms of aspergers such as meltdowns, extreme frustration, etc. are beginning to disappear. Sadie’s language abilities are also beginning to improve.

  3. Juanita

    I love this post. It’s amazing how so many foods can cause so much damage and at the same time they can heal. Right now I am reading a little article on which foods to eat and not to eat as far as the scriptures. I never thought about mushrooms not really being a bad food, but it is and it goes into detail about how it’s a forbidden food. Thanks again for the post.

  4. Jeff Schoonover

    Heidi, thanks for a great post. We recently started the journey to following Torah and also have a 3.5 year old son diagnosed with Asperger’s, so your website has been terrific to read. Would you be willing to share your sources/references for the info regarding the non-kosher vaccination ingredients?

  5. Marlow Olson

    Hello, young lady! Looks like you are blessed! I have been doing mostly “natural foods” for quite a few decades now, but I am discovering that it is really the Torah that sets us free. God bless you! [Jeff S, above, is my son-in-law. I'm blessed with a conscientious and careful daughter. He is ok too. :) ] THANK YOU for the advice on Aspergers.

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